28 March 2014

On this Day.........

...in 1979, I was in 8th grade at Lemoyne Middle School when the shit hit the fan.

About 1.5 miles, as the crow flies from the house I grew up in, on the Susquehanna River, is a little place called Three Mile Island. Early that morning, a stuck valve caused a problem, which resulted in the country's worst nuclear accident up to that time.

What was really freaky, was that only 2 weeks before this, a movie came out dealing with nuclear meltdowns - The China Syndrome. Since T.M.I. was in our backyard, we went to see it to see what all the fuss was about. We almost found out for realz a few weeks later!

It's an Etters thing, you wouldn't understand.
We got some really vague news while in class, so had to stick around until someone from the family came to pick us up. I was fortunately in Home Ec at the time, so we hung out w/some food products. My aunt came by to pick me up, then my mom packed us up & we headed to Chapel Hill for the next 2 weeks w/another aunt & my cousins.

No idea of the actual release of radiation, MetEd said all was well, but we'll never know. I continue to use it as my excuse to explain things I do, or how I act. The unit that overheated was shut down permanently, while the other reactor went back online soon after & continues to run to this day. Do you like Hershey chocolate?

"Hershey PA three miles near
Empty assurance, nothing to fear
The nuke is down
Poisoned the ground
Hush it quick
The cows are sick
And there's nothing like the face of a kid
Eating a radioactive chocolate bar
Forever and ever
Radioactive chocolate forever and ever

Poisonous fish, poisonous rivers
Cancerous kidneys, stomachs and livers
They don't give a fuck
Just wanna make a buck
Radioactive chocolate forever and ever

Buy American, buy Hershey
They'll sell you death
With no mercy
They're gonna gain their wealth
And risk your health
Radioactive chocolate forever & ever."

The other historical event of this week was the 40th Anniversary of Casa Bonita. Never been there, but maybe I'll make it there someday. 

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