28 February 2012

Faux F.I.FO.

Joe & I got up to Mt Evergreen & 3 Sisters for a mid-morning start. Perfect skies, temps & especially prefect dirt  (still had ice fields on occasion to watch out for). 
'Twas a Winter Wonderland to begin.  32, sunny & a fresh dusting to make for some camo ice.

All smiles about the grippy dirt

Keep it upright on the way down


All is NOT well in Chainville, threw it 3x 

27 February 2012

Play it again Sam

Finished up work yesterday & ventured south again. Did a similar route to the one I missed the previous Saturday. A few dirt roads involved, but that descent more than made up for it!
The Springs'' trails have lots of southern exposure = dry dirt!
Time to drop the seat for the next 6 miles & 2,000'
Easy route to remember, & a fairly easy pedal to get to the high point. Then the downhill is all smiles.

23 February 2012

Thar's Dirt Down Yonder!

We're either snowed in or sloppy up north, so last weekend some of us Denverites headed south for a fixin' of dirt, or dust if you weren't in the lead.
Joe with the Springs Crew
I ain't trying that switchback & set of stairs.
Didn't spot any sleestaks, luckily.
Red Rock Canyon was good stuff: bone dry trails, with a few chunky spots thrown in for fun.
Meanwhile, on the homefront..........
Only one key part of this puzzle remains to be had.
The forecast 'almost no accumulation' of snow dumped about 6" in the yard, so looks like the next few days are gonna be booooooring.

11 February 2012

3 Sisters w/3 Brothers

Trails conditions improved over the week. 70% ride, 30% hike Monday afternoon at Green Mountain. Condition were almost the same for Thursday night T.I.T.S. ride, but the company & refreshments always made iffy conditions fun. We figured (hoped) the snow-shoers would be in force this week at 3 Sisters, so hit it up early.
This was not a good sign
Sean back at it
Kevin had very few issues with traction 
Bobby's ghost-bike
Brothers Lookout
Bobby rocks the rocks
Kevin's 1 issue with traction
Sean all smiles
As for the single-digit weather....still no need for gloves since stitching together my pogies. Once we got moving & in the sun, it felt like it was at least 15°f.  Good times!
This scouting ride showed us which trails to avoid, so back to it tomorrow with a better idea of a hike-free route.

05 February 2012

February & coldness

The blizzard of 2012: It came, it snowed, I shoveled.
Roof art
Zeke diving in

Beautiful Sunday morning, so PBRMe! & I took a gamble . I thought Red Rocks would be the safest bet for some packed down snow, plus it's just out the back door.
We pedaled very little
Snow's still too soft, so this was the norm.
We decided to take in the view....
...and did get something worthwhile accomplished before noon!
Snowshoe-ers & XC skiiers, get out there & pack down my trails!!

Oh yeah, did you remember to celebrate 2-1-12?