10 February 2013

Saul Gud

Got in some good pedaling this week, along with some more finishing touches in the basement. Last Saturday got a bit warm, but we escaped the LoB before the trails got muddy. 

Showed the Honzo a little love on Wednesday by shooting for a quick RR-MW-DR loop before the rain hit. Almost didn't make it, as my old chain finally gave out on me at the top of DR. Had to run it pretty much chain-less back to the car. Even with that incident, I just beat the weather as raindrops started to fall as I loaded the car. 
Thursday eve brought around a different take on GM, as led by Bobby. A bit of chaos ensued, & the group got split up a few times, but all was well in the end.
The following day, I finished early, so felt a need to head out to CC since I hadn't ridden there recently - possibly over a year. Perfect trails from Mayhem, all the way out Travois all the way to top of the descent to Elk Creek. Sun was getting low, I was feeling tired, so This was the perfect time to head back to the car.....then finally visit Cannonball Creek Brewery on the way home. 

Sunday brought us back once again to another glorious Single-track Sunday Service, this week at  at 3Sis.
Round 1, top of Evergreen Mt.

Pit Stop #2, Mt Mulhy
The Brothers
Decided to head back Evergreen Mt one more time
Another slow week at work = :)