20 September 2009

The couch worked me over

Got out on the wheeler again............finally!
Joined up for the T.I.T.S. ride Friday @ BC. & it hurt. Not cuz of BC, but b/c I suck. I was huffing & puffing straight away. 2 weeks off hurt me! Rolled most of it backwards & it wasn't bad a t all - up Sandy Wash, out Buck, climbed up Strawberry, then bombed Baldy. Wow! Baldy is great going down. Got in about 21.6 miles & 2,300' of vert.

Met up w/canyonrat after I finished work today & we rolled up Waterton, then did all of Indian Creek. 'Twas my 1st time doing 800 the whole way & it was a bl'ast!
Sunday afternoon = most crowded time I've ridden there but still not bad at all.

Be careful out there!

16 September 2009

07 September 2009

Finally been getting back on the saddle on a regular basis…………and not falling over.

Last Sunday

Following our late-night adventure at BC, EvilMG, canyonrat & myself headed out for an early Sunday morning jaunt above Georgetown. Grabbed the goat & we met canyonrat to start pedaling around 6:15am. Worked our way up to Pavilion Point via some confusing singletrack, then found our way to the FATS trail. Coming down was much funnner than walking up to it, but it did cramp up my fingers/forearms in that steep, rocky section. Dropped down to Silverdale, and another maze of singletrack to get us back into G-town.

Stopped by the car to unload the extra clothing as Mr. Sun had popped out & was warming us up by then…and away we headed for a quick out-n-back on Silver Creek trail. This trail was pure fun, both ways!! About 5 miles of a barely discernible uphill through intermittent rolling or rock gardens, all along a steep, rocky 100’ drop-off. It was easy to keep a constant speed rolling up through the rocks, then turn around & just enough elevation drop to coast through most of it on the way back down. Just be careful, cuz 1 wrong move will make that elevation drop MUCH quicker than you want.


Last week sent me out to Waterton to hit up some Indian Creek stuff. Tuesday, I headed up to Lenny’s, then rolled out ot the IC trailhead where I turned back up to the intersection of 800, Ringtail & Stephen’s Gulch. I chose to drop Stephen’s, which is still wet & as always, extremely rocky – causing my hands to almost go numb by the time I got to the hookup with the little Roxy loop. Door-to-door in 3:20.


Thought I’d head that way again Friday after work, and ran into DWF at Lenny’s. We rolled out to IC trailhead & back up to the big intersection. This time, I chose to bomb down the Roundtop? Trail to hook up at the bottom of the Roxy loop. DWF hten proceeded to school me on the final rocky descent on the powerline trail, which doesn’t often happen. Old dudes know how to rock it! 3:30 this time.


"Duh, where are we?" (pic by spike)

Talked to Spike about getting in a pedal over to Breckenridge & back following some of the route from Spikefest’09 We started out by reversing our Spikefest route by heading UP Gold Dust to Baker’s Tank, then Barney Fife, with a few little changes here & there. Not a bad climb at all, as we reached Boreas Pass pretty quickly, and with not as much effort as I had expected. Spike mentioned that always thinks of stopping in at Breckenridge Brewery to refuel, but never has anyone else that wants to – he didn’t have to twist my arm to get his wish. We got there about 10:50, so we chilled on the street till they opened, were greeted by our fellow SS barkeep Dave. Great bike talk & beer service! At noon, we slung our heavy legs over the top tubes & headed back up, via Southside trail to Blue River, with some worries about the graying skies & occasional claps of thunder. That is one helluva grind up!!

Felt a few drops of moisture as we were peaking out, so we got to hustling our way back down. Made it through the middle section of Gold Dust when the rain started. Going up the bottom section of Gold Dust is sooo much better than 'descending' it, especially when tired, cold & soaked to the bone. Happily made it back to the spikemobile at 3:30.

Felt OK till I made it home, showered, ate & chilled - that's when the ride kicked me in the ass & put me down like a horse with a broken leg..