20 December 2011

The Bars

Saw these last night & had to get'em.
'Harness the Gnarness' on the soles.
Wonder if Ray was contacted before putting these up for sale?
If not, could a lawsuit be in the works?

Good stuff, enjoy!

19 December 2011

"It's (not) beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

December 18: I was sweating in shorts & a short-sleeved shirt. Got word that a group was heading to Palmer Park Sunday, so hopped in with them to check out that trail system.

Snow on Pike's Peak, but not a drop down here.
Taking a breather after one of the many never-ending climbs.
I thought he was gonna launch off that rock!
Trying to climb with these 2 put the hurt on me!
Glad I went...rocks, rocks & more rocks, plus lots of sun & the mercury staying in the low-60s.
That's my kind of December!!!

13 December 2011

Somewhat Heavy

"Mean Man's Dream" LP....dig it!

Something else heavy........DirtRag's 22nd PunkBikeEnduro Stage1 winner.
pic by Jon Pratt
Good job Todd!

25 November 2011

November in S. Lakewood

Steve's neighbor came walking over with this old beater: unfortunately for Steve, but fortunately for me it is a 62cm frame. Tubes, tires, grip tape & she's rocking.

1982 Ultratour 18, that means it's got a triple!
They loved skinny bars back in the 80's!! That, along with the raaaaaked-out fork made it a bit sketchy on the 1st few rides. At least it's motivation for me to get my frame finished & put together.

Thanksgiving 2011
I gave up trying to pedal up this section long ago.
Be heading up that service road on the left for a taste of rocks.
I can see the Audi from here.
Ho ho ho Easter Bunny!
Tofruky, doesn't that look appetizing? No need to answer.
My Black Friday: Pedaled to Avanza for dulce de leche, Novo for beans & REI to replace a broken pump with a mo' fancier one. Dealt with horrible wind in the face the entire way back from Platte river - the day started out cloudy, but thanks to the wind, it's back to its normal CO blue.

23 October 2011

Exterior is done......well, 98% or so as there's always something to do.

Desert Sand: looks 1,000x better than the original Baby Diaper Yellow.

Pedaled 3 Sisters Friday & could barely stay upright, went OTB on Morrison Slide yesterday. Was hoping 3rd time would be the charm. Rocked some fun trails from up near Echo Lake down into Idaho Springs today. Felt a bit better, but caught a flat for good measure.

Just lean back & go.
I reckon this'll be All White later this week.
From the cockpit.
Trent in action.
Please Knock Before Entering Office
Snow's coming in 2 days.....time to say 'see ya next spring/summer' to most up-high riding.   : (

11 October 2011


Some more Pike's Peak pix from Boomer - here

Todd & I got out to pedal all but one day of his stay. Made a bad call on the way to 3 Sisters Thursday afternoon - as we got near Lair'o the Bear we saw Darkness ahead, and lots of it. I figured rain was rolling in for the night, so decided to hit LoB for a quickie to beat it. 
Soaked pretty good about 1/2 mile in.
Then, after another 20 minutes, we were all dried off & pedaling towards the O'Fallon side. 
The Mechanical Bull
Friday was our day off the bikes. We just rolled down the street to visit our friendly neighborhood distiller.
I'd be thrilled with just one of those.

Friday's breakfast

Some real freakin' good-old-timey punk rock Saturday night. Did I mention they played a really good set?

I sadly missed beanfeSSt VIII............although v8.2 may take place this weekend. Hope to work it into the schedule.

Much more sadly - Kibbe is still MIA. The entire household is missing her so much!
I could really handle a miraculous journey home by her right now.

04 October 2011

America's Mountain

Broken-down Boomer shuttled Jamie, Todd & me to 14,110' on Monday. 'Twas perfect weather.

What kind of fool rides a 29" HT down that trail? 
Todd getting to the bottom.
Some colorful sights....when we slowed enough to see'em.
Damn, that was some good chunk!!!

16 September 2011

I like bikes....

The Story of the Bicycle

15 September 2011

War in the Streets!

Some drivers can't even wait for cyclists to get out on 'their' roads before trying to kill 'em.

We need to test drivers in this country, as well as re-test every several years. Reading about too much of this car-on-bike shit going down on a regular basis.

01 September 2011

Reunion Summer

This past year has been great for music...and I'm talking about the good stuff......you know, early-80s HC/punk....& it's a good thing.
C.O.C. came back w/their best line-up: Woody, Mike & Reed. 

Scream played in their original status: Pete, Franz, Skeeter & Kent.

More old school sounds coming up October 8 when OFF! plays.  (which will cap off a week of hanging out with my brother) 

Just heard of more very interesting upcoming shows. Unfortunately, Denver ain't yet on the list.....keeping my fingers crossed.

...another that has played a few shows, none of which were local.

But this was the show that really bummed me out not being able to go.

28 August 2011

It's still too hot.....

Back in CO.

Ice climbing at the end of August.

Jerry summits.

Jeremy on his new ride.

Sean on his new ride.

Kevin blows right by me.

Some fast roadies were in town this week.

There weren't  many people at 8a.m..

3rd pass through Golden before they blasted over to Denver.
Good times.
Next year, I hope to get to the ITT & a good pass stage.

19 August 2011

Eastbound & Down.......

5 days at 11' elevation
Start out with a nice base burn.
Walking shoes
South Jersey delivered:  we fressed at Crab Trap (w/a 2hr wait spent at the bar), Angelioni's (excellent,as always) & Phillip's (caught it on 50% off wine night). Rolled out of NJ to central PA for another 5 days at 400'. 1st stop in the 'burgh was for supplies, then to my sis's house to chill for a few days.

Todd decided to camp out on the porch after a long night of brews.
 Experiencing Turkey Hill was extremely overrated.
The 'Chill Room'
Saw some exploited workers in Hershey. 

Had a pie that easily put any I've tried in CO to shame, inhaled some of my favorite hometown treats, and hit up the Brew House for Tuesday night snow crab legs before returning to the grind.

13 July 2011


9 days straight of afternoon/evening lightning & thunderstorms. Yesterday, I realized I hadn't seen monsoon-like deluges like this since Japan. Today's got a bit crazy. Heard about ping-pong sized hail warning for Weld county earlier, so didn't think it'd hit us...was expecting another bout of  liquid precipitation, not the frozen variety.
Near the beginning of the storm.
Luckily, we only got mothball sized & not the larger ones expected up north or it woulda been much badderer.
It just kept increasing in size & intensity.

It even raged  the compost bin & the cactus is in pain.
Wounded from battle....at least a squash & 2 zucchini
are still hanging tough.
We now have ventilated siding on the north & west sides.
It's not nice to fool Mother Nature.

Oh look. Blue skies.
Z'avez fini?