12 April 2013


Bikes have happened on occasion. While waiting on leftovers of a visit from old man winter to go away, Bobby & I hit up GBP after work. 

Air Bobby
Bobby rides the skyline

Had a long weekender back east for an in-law reunion.  Arrived in DC Thursday evening & hung out w/the Shaw clan and my ma, who popped down for the night. Headed out the next morning to re-visit Bluemont Vineyard.

The reunion was in Crystal City, so off to the hellhole of the DC area. I could see how people get road-raged out - I was so glad to get out the car the few times I drove around there, the worst day in Denver is like a walk in the park round there.

Friday evening took us to Legal Seafoods for an immediate family get-together: Mally's folks, brothers and their families. Grub there was pretty good, and even felt a bit full after fressin'. 

Washington Monument through the not-yet blooming sakura
The warm weather was just starting, so we headed to the tidal basin to stroll around & see the state of the cherry blossoms - close, but no cigar. Probably 10-15 trees had opened up, and with the temps in 80s for the following week, I bet the place was rocking about 5 days later. 

Passed by the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, then the FDR Memorial - full of cool sculptures, waterfalls & choice quotes.

Times have changed since those words were spoken
To finish off the basin walk, we ended up at the MLK Memorial, which I thought was Mao Tse Tung from across the basin. 

We then made a quick stop at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History before heading back across the river. Oh yeah, out of all the metros I've taken world-wide, DC's was the most pain-in-the-ass to use. 

A quick stop by our room, then off to Peking Gourmet for the big dinner.  This joint was chosen b/c it is one of very few restaurants in the states that makes a traditional, and (what I heard) tasty peking duck dish. We gorged on plate after plate of hand-picked chinese delights, and had a quiet laugh when the duck was served. This place is adored by the Chinese for its plates - but who prepped the duck? 2 Mexican ladies!

Final morning was breakfast at a local diner, then to the Honey Pig for Korean BBQ on the way back to the parental pad. Looked like a cool place, but when we glanced at the menu, I only had two choices. Any plate comes chock full of animal parts, but seafood was few & far between. 

Rolled outta dodge Monday afternoon in 82f weather and stopped by Golden King, which was where Tony set up a family-style chinese dinner on our 1st night, for some dim sum on the way to Dulles. 

Checked conditions back home, and found that a big snowstorm was arriving right around our touchdown, great! Make it back w/no delays, but to crappy weather & a high in the teens the following day, and Mally ended up pulling an unwelcome over-nighter for her return to work.....welcome home!

Back on the homefront:
Report from PBRMe! was that Ridgeline was good to go, the T.I.T.S. crew headed south. Five of us pedaled around for a lap & a half, which was broken up by 3 separate beer stops, not including pre- & post-sessioning. 

I had a quick day of work Friday, so got to take out the new cheater bike on a shakedown run. That was tough, shifting takes a lot of thinking! It'll take another ride or 2 to get the hang of all the moving parts under me.

Very unexpected purchase, but couldn't pass the deal on it. Sold out!