20 October 2009

A New Me?

So, back from the east coast with my 1st bit of carbon fiber. ‘Twas a bl'ast! Saw the family, hung out w/friends, drank some good hometown brews, pedaled in some VA goodness, got married, ate lots of food, soaked in some hot water, & saw some good sights. We hit VA just a tad early for the full brunt of the fall colors that make Octobers there so great....still looked good depending on where you went.

Headed to Elizabeth Furnace to get back to some east coast trailage: meaning mile-long + rock gardens, and we found it there. I also got to experience the overbearing humidity again. That's something I do not miss at all!

Enough typing, let's look at some pix......

My bro checking out scenery that overlooks the in-law's house.

Appalachian Trail

Todd leading the way, up & down, especially down. I always let him take the lead & am amazed how someone so big can flow so smoothly.

My temporary ride. I noticed that smaller wheels don't roll over the same lines I'd normally use on my big bike. I got hung up a few times trying to plow through the rough stuff. The cushy fork up front was a bl'ast, & it took me a bit to get used to popping the rear end up & over everything, instead of pedaling through it as I'm used to doing.

DrunkinCO wheeling it at Elizabeth Furnace.

Panoramavisionic view of Hillsborough Winery.

Drinking vessels at Bluemont Vineyard.

Backyard at out WV getaway house. The hot tub was put into play many times in the course of our stay.

Timon gets a much-needed refill of some extremely tasty Flying Mouflan - good gods, that stuff was GREAT! (as well as all the other tasty libations we devoured: Nugget Nectar, Mad Elf, Scratch #23, Dead Reckoning Porter, Blanton bourbon, etc....)