28 March 2011

By the Numbers

XVelo #002
42t x 16t gearing
35c tires
32# fully loaded

45yrs OLD
233# geared up to ride
14 weeks since clavicular mishap

74.37 miles

Felt good , man!
Long-term test on #2 is going swimmingly well.

21 March 2011

Since then...........

Oh yeah, I've got this online thing.
OK, a week after my last post I landed hard on my left side & fractured my clavicle into 4 pieces, as well as cracking my ribs in about 4 places. Flying back to east for Xmas was a treat.
Leg 1 took us to Dulles for a 2.5hr layover (more than it takes to drive to PA) before our 29min hop up to the 'burg. As we were sitting around, we heard the flight was delayed a bit. A bit later, the time got pushed back even further.

Got to hang out with all the families - the main reason was to see the 4 newest additions.
First on the list was lunch at ABC, followed by a visit to the lovely Troeg's tap room.

On the day of the east coast Xmas blizzard, we drove to Richmond. Luckily, the bad weather kept to the east so no worries there. Next it was off to Charlottesville for a night. Hopped back on I-81 to roll back to Etters to crash for a few before our return flight.

Been to the doc a few times since & he said my old bones are healing up well. As for MTB, I'm shooting for May dirt. In lamer news, I've been getting on the road a few times. Yesterday I managed to pedal for a few hours up in Boulder & Larimer counties. [Rolling south on CR21, I watched an overhead glider for a few minutes, saw the news later & wondered if it was the same]

I think I survived the ride, still waiting for feeling to come back to my legs....the couch hasn't been kind to me. As we left I-25 & hopped on 6W on the way home, I noticed Golden looking a bit smokier than normal. Ruff stuff.......

"You don't say."