24 January 2012


Sunday's service was a repeat of last week's sermon....but conditions were a touch better in most places.
Followed up with party for a 1-yr old, then noodles for dinner to celebrate the New Year.

Took a backyard jaunt this afternoon to check on conditions....Stonehouse always makes me think of Jimi.
Mostly good to go
In search of Primanti's
Sun's getting low
Picked up a lil' mud
That's all you need to know.

15 January 2012

"You need a fat-bike", they said.

Mt Evergreen started out a bit rough, but ended all good.
Making snow angels
Condition got better right quick

I can dig it
It's gotta be noon somewhere

Not the best place for an ice-patch
3 Sisters was so good, we had to go back for 1 more.

08 January 2012

In the backyard

Stayed in the backyard today....Red Rocks & Morrison Slide.

Let's rock!
Dirt exists in CO!
Looking south toward Red Rock amphitheater.
That's who was leaving the Nate prints....never saw her though.
About to roll down Morrison Slide, south side.
It warmed up real quick today, rolled out at 10am & had to shed my jacket within 1/2 mile. Getting to the end, looked like there might be some sloppy conditions later in the day.

06 January 2012

PBRMe! in action

A pictorial essay.

Slickery out there.
There be snow, but it were warm.
Sweaty palm syndrome
Pure concentration.
2nd time back down
Look, dirt!

04 January 2012

It's getting hot in here..........

Seeing scar ride bare-handed on Sunday got me motivated to do some sewing & update from my Homeless Guy Pogies V1.0 to a fashionable set of insulated bar mitts. Sliced up an old Goodwill-bound jacket the other day & started experimenting. Since it was getting warm down here, PBRMe! & I headed out to Meyer Ranch for a quickie this morning.
Looks almost acceptable
I put a kid's wheel on the back today.
Sunn Doublewide w/WTB Weirwolf 2.5" on the rear. Same 20t cog I push on my wagon wheel, so should be a touch easier, but factor in the more than 2# of extra weight added in the swap...it evened out on the climbs. I did end up with some really low pressure tho.
Stay on the hard-pack....or else.
I pulled a Superman when I came into a switchback way too hot and my front wheel the deep stuff, instantly stopping & catapulting me over the front.....good times!
Kevin enjoying the sunshine.
We're outta here.
It was in the high-40s, so today wasn't a good test. My bare hands were sweating pretty good, and I need to make some minor adjustments, but I believe I'm finally ready for the cold weather.

01 January 2012

2012 = Apocalypse?

Jan 1, time for the 3rd annual Beerdbelly ride (a PBRMe! production)

More than 3 riders this year..
Our fearless, aging leader

Decisions, decisions
We had 'normal' bikes...
...a converted fat tire...
...scar's toasty hands...
...a fat Salsa & a Waltworks...
...more custom SS...
...a really fat Surly...
...a brand-stinkin' new Entropy...
...a local garage build...
...another fat Salsa...
...some FS action...

...a touch of crabon...
...and most importantly, WHEELIES!!

Buried treasure?! Thanks to the Beer Fairy!
Beerds & Bellies!

Great 1st ride of 2012........ready & willing for more of the same with y'all!