19 November 2006

summer I

Wow, lots of posts during the summer, eh? Had no 'haut-debit' line around, so it was e-mail only...and that was a pain in the ass at times. Now, let's get down to what went on from May 9 - Sept 25 with at little pain as possible to my typing finger & your reading eyes.

Here's a view of the grounds. That's the moulin just below, a 15th century building. I lived upstairs in the guesthouse.

Ended up having a very cool bossman. Here's Steve lugging around some beverages at Jamie & Brooke's wedding that took place in August.

We had a pretty regular schedule for our clients during their stay: We would head to la Gare de Nevers Monday afternoon, as they would arrive at 14h29. After they got settled into their chambre, we would head out on a 10km introductory spin to vist l'Abbaye de Fontmorigny.

Tuesday was the highlight of the week. We would hop in the van & head to Herry, then unload the 2-wheelers & ride up to Sancerre, passing through some of the vineyards on the way. This was also the day where we heard the most complaining about the ride, as we went from 499' to 900' in 4km to reach the central square of town. But after reaching the 'summit', guests were pleased to find a very cool town & views of the surrounding area.

Wednesday was the market & chateau ride, passing by the market of Sancoins in the morning, then both Chateau de Bannegon & Chateau de Sagonne.

Thursdays were up in the air during the year. Started the year with a trip out to Donzy, then later in the summer it turned into an afternoon in the big city of Nevers & folllowed by a leisurely ride along the Canal Lateral a la Loire, with a stop at the Pont Canal de Guetin.

Fridays were a short roll to Apremont-sur-Allier with its marvelous garden, followed by a picnic along the banks of the river before heading back to the moulin. The evening we took the guests to Nevers or Bourges, where they could shop, dine...etc.

Saturdays led us to la Charite-sur-Loire. They had a little market, which we used to pick up supplies, before heading through the fields to Pouilly-sur-Loire to sample some of their wines.

I can't seem to add any more pix to this thingy, so I give up for now.

Anyway, that's summer in a nutshell, a very small nutshell at that.
Don't worry, or maybe you should, cuz there's more to come.