01 August 2010

You can get with this........or you can get with that.

As in an epic day.
As in getting up too early on a day off work to sit in a car for 3hrs, do a big ride, & sit in a car again for 3hrs.

If this continues, I'll hafta get one of those big bikes again.


Guac, this is for you.

MGE brought this together....

...& is too fast for my shutter.

All naturious ahnat.

BadAndy & Jerry.

Big Mike & Ken.

Pay attention as Ken illustrates an example for us all:
When your eyes lock on an obstacle on trail, your  front wheel will
 always roll straight at said obstacle.

Charles & Jeremy.

Jerry, our local connection, was very pleased to be on trail.

Wetness from the recent daily downpours. (Hint, hint)

As we hit Silver Creek, things changed a bit.

Ken, Charles & Mike.

Those mud masks are much pricier at the salons....
...and not nearly as fun as our version!

Y'all just wait, things'll change.

It was real nice back at the lower car.

There was a little anxiety about a misplaced key.

There's the key for this car. We can head home!! 

What'd that ad cost ya?

That was then, this is now.
Aug 11, 2007

July 31, 2010

07/31/10 10:50MST

07/31/10 14:05MST

...and I'm spent.

Keep track of those riders going from here-to-there via the CT over the next few days.