30 October 2013


Had the in-laws in town for a long weekend, so headed to Estes Park the day. Glad we made it, because less than 2 weeks later the rains came.

Got back to doing a little bit of pedaling, headed up Mt Evergreen after work.

Finished up work early, so checked out Bergen Peak after a cold spell & found perfect conditions.

Since I got out during daylight for my ride, I stopped by the TITS ride later that night to have a few drinks w/the crew before they headed out.

After dealing with the lemon for too long, I finally gave in, and we picked up a sweet Jetta TDI.

Sold the lemon, then raced to VeloSwap where I spent $70 & came home w/some good loot.

We got ourselves our anniversary present, which also covers both our birthdays, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa,  Christmas and any other holidays happening in the next year.
Rocky & Miss Silvia in the house!

I finally changed the Honzo to a non-SS bike. Honzo + Hammerschmidt = I might finally go fast downhill.
Honzo 2.0

Halloween tune-age

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  1. NO ONE has accused you of being slow on the downhills brah! But faster always equals better till you go boom then its, "if only I had been going a few mph slower"