17 August 2013

Summer 2013, fuck you.

In the hood.
As I took the bins to the curb, I found that some 'artist' had their way w/our cars, both of which were parked in the driveway, as well as the neighbor's garage. 

Damn kids!
This day also was scheduled for the removal of the pain-in-the-ass silver maple that's plagued our sewer line since moving in.
Good riddance, ya bastard!
Gas + rag + elbow grease

In the Springs
I participated in The Captain 2013 enduro, which took place on the edge of Colorado Springs. Had a great time hanging w/the Inflexible crew & riding some excellent CS trails. Didn't finish DFL, nor break myself, so it was a great success.
To the top, James.
Plans change...
I finished in 1 piece.
...but the bike didn't

In the East
Had to make an very unhappy, unscheduled trip to NJ. 
Donald Paul Lubic, 4/2/44-6/14/13
Spent the following week hitting all the old haunts down at the beach: Wawa's, Angeloni's II, White House, Jo Jo's, Romanelli's, as well as seeing lots of the places I worked with dad over the years.
Kathy & Iron Mike's back porch
...and some of his fermented grapes.

Back in CO
Got high w/goat & slow. I tried to connect Crystal cabin to McClellan last year, but went up from the cabin. This time, we went up the jeep road, then crossed the tundra to get to the cabin. Seems I was on target last year, only about 100yds from the road.  (all pix by MtGoatEpics)
4,000' of downhill from here!

Thanks Frank!

Back East, Again
1st was a long weekend work trip to HQ, in Princeton
Over one of the Great Lakes?

Came back home for 3 days of work, then jumped on a plane to go back east again, but this time for beach fun with all the family units.
Wow, this joint was deluxe

Finally hit Keystone, and loved it! Got in 9 runs, which is OK at Trestle but put a hurting on me here. That place is MTB-ing!
I guess Idaho Springs has all the gold
Shooting shit
Back to TITS (pic by Garrett)
Crunch-time at work begins tomorrow and won't slow down till mid-October, so lots of time in front of the CRT screen for me.....just great.

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