11 May 2010

Extreme enough for ya?

Right you are, Ken.

As for bike riding:

The Front Range 50 at BCLP was last Saturday, so Steve & I pedaled over w/supplies to enjoy the day by watching others suffer.

We found a nice vantage point to cheer on contenders & non-contenders alike over some breakfast beers.........started out hi-class, then immediately dropped to the bottom of the barrel.

'Twas a nice day to sit back & watch, rather than punish ourselves like so many others did. Saw some whom we recognized (avboy, nomit, besoft, kerkove, looney & yuki), along with some other happy riders we befriended by heckling/cheering on. Fortunately, Oskar Blues had some kegs lined up, so we continued our day by the start/finish zone, as the coimbined effects of the sun & beers started to kick in stronger.

After seeing the results, Steve headed up north to meet his family for a younguns party (w/adult bevvies which he tried to use to coerce me into attending), but I wanted to save some energy for the next day's ride - on dirt, where it counts.

I decided to punish myself the following day, by linking up BCLP, Mt Falcon & Lair o' the Bear. Did most of the trails at BCLP, then surprised myself (just a little) by walking a bit less than the last time going up Mt Falcon. Still walked a bit, but pushed my old, fat body a little further this time. The entire time, I was asking myself what I did wrong to ask for such a punishment - I hate that hill more than any other I've ridden!

As always, going down Lo'B was a Bl'ast! By the time I got there, it was getting a bit crowded so lots of stopping occurred. (which couldn't be said for the Turner guy I kept catching, who almost took out a few riders more than once. Finally decided to chill out for a few & give him some room so I wouldn't run up his ass so quickly.) Ran outta water as I was back in BCLP on the way home, and the sun was bearing down on me.

After enjoying 5h10m of Sunday's beautiful weather, I rolled back into the garage feeling quite spent - which is good seeing the crappy weather Mother Nature has in store for us starting in a few hours.

Ready for something else extreme?
Stay tuned.........

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