03 July 2008

Stone-age sk8er

Boomer made it to town again, on his way to Whistler. We went to Denver skate park & he showed the kids what's up.

Those pads are over 25yrs old.

Today, I decided to try to get to the top of Argentine Pass, 13,132'.

The snow & lack of lungs kept me from making it. I was SOO close.

I'll be back.

22 June 2008

We're losing sunlight!

Summer solstice has passed & there's still snow up high.
Let's get rolling.

I worked & I rode, nothing new here.

Breaking in the new brakes at Golden Gate.

Jamie wheeling Walker Ranch.

Mt. Falcon was friggin' hot!!

That's more like it. 

Waterton to high point on Marshall Ridge & back. Very cool ride.

21 May 2008

Techmology ain't all bad

I rode gears & suspension in Moab & GJ.

I was pleased.

15 May 2008

Capabilites & Limitations of Shedding

My luck for the past days has not been there. Had off yesterday, so I thought I'd head out & pedal a few miles. Problem was that I couldn't find my keys. Looked & looked, then Mally got home & found'em within 5 minutes.

Worked today, for an hour....so load up the bike & try to wheel Green Mountain starting at the Stegasaurus lot off 470/70.

This was just heading to the top of Dakota Ridge, I didn't even make it there. Just walking the bike was enough for this slop to stop the wheels from rolling, so I turned around & headed home to pout.....

Moab/Fruita tomorrow!

07 May 2008

Hisashi buri!

This thing is too confusing to me, so I haven't added nothing new.
Anyway, lots different a year later.

Camping trip to Mt. Evans area.

Nederland to Winter Park ride

Kenosha Pass to GA Pass ride.

Renlynn's Sweet 16 party.

30 March 2008

Hisashiburi desu!!

I remember this thing.......sorta.

So, last time I wrote up anything here, I was in Cackalacky prepping for the haul out west. Since then, I been around CO, France & recently hit up PA for ma's 60th.

It’s gonna take a montage

BoulderPuebloMt. Evans

GA Pass

le Puisac
Dakota Ridge

VogueSummit LakeThe Bourges