16 September 2011

15 September 2011

War in the Streets!

Some drivers can't even wait for cyclists to get out on 'their' roads before trying to kill 'em.

We need to test drivers in this country, as well as re-test every several years. Reading about too much of this car-on-bike shit going down on a regular basis.

01 September 2011

Reunion Summer

This past year has been great for music...and I'm talking about the good stuff......you know, early-80s HC/punk....& it's a good thing.
C.O.C. came back w/their best line-up: Woody, Mike & Reed. 

Scream played in their original status: Pete, Franz, Skeeter & Kent.

More old school sounds coming up October 8 when OFF! plays.  (which will cap off a week of hanging out with my brother) 

Just heard of more very interesting upcoming shows. Unfortunately, Denver ain't yet on the list.....keeping my fingers crossed.

...another that has played a few shows, none of which were local.

But this was the show that really bummed me out not being able to go.