29 August 2009


Got the new frame/fork back in action & it feels good. As for me, that's another story. During my shakedown cruise to GM after work, I ended up falling over 3 times....on nothing at all. Just cruising along on Summit Loop trail & my front tire hit the high side of the trail cut & down I go, at a good clip. A little bit later, I fall to the left in a slow turn. Then, to cap it off, I fall for a 2nd time on my right side on some flat, straight trail.

Friday night brought about our weekly T..I.T.S. ride at BC. Did OK for most, then came the new section of trail that COMBA just completed at the top of Sandy Wash. Cruising pretty fast & I pull a repeat of my GM manouver - I ride the bike straight into the ground on my right side. Problem is, at BC the decompsed granite does a job on the exposed skin compared to the grass/red dirt mixture at GM. Ouch! Then not 2 minutes later, I take a slow left-hander & fall right into some pointy-ass pricker bush. (came out of it with just one lang slash on my thigh)

I forgot how to ride a bike in that short period of time?!!?

This week, I decided to see if I could stay upright through an entire ride, so Tuesday & Wednesday after work, I shot out to 3 Sisters & hit up most of those loops.

No wrecks, only problem was that the repair job on the rear tire that got slashed during the WE Death March finally started leaking. No more tubeless on that one, so now got a rock hard rear tire, which feels weird.

Friday again sent us out to Pine to pedal the always enjoyable BC. This time, the plan was to have Spike lead us out to the boundary of the LostCreek Wilderness area. Rolled at 6:30, went up Gashouse to Redskin, then CT out to Rolling Creek. Lots of coyotes last night, and 1 of 'em almost got Scar. Hit our turnaround-point, then reversed the route to head back towards Charlie's/Sandy Wash to open the car door at 11:50.

That drive home felt loooooooooong.

08 August 2009

Surly Rox!

Just got the call from Scotty at Cycle Analyst.......there's a new black Karate Monkey sitting there with my name on it. Having them face the HT & BB before I pick it up.

I was a Surly fan before & now they really got me hooked.

Thanks pieplow!!

I'm so excited!!

03 August 2009

Big Air

Still relegated to pedaling pavement on the Steamroller. At least I got to see someone else riding dirt on Sunday. Rolled north to meet 'e' at Sunset Park to watch.................

Saw some tail whips, 360s, and BIG air going on.

Today also started something more my speed, the CT Race - Waterton Canyon to Durango. Leaders should roll into Durango by Friday.......follow the progress right here.