31 May 2012


No work today, so wanted to do something bigger & funner, so headed west to see how open this,  that and the other might be. 

Not nearly as much snow as last year's 1st attempt

I heard saws going a few minutes after heading up toward the top. I ran into 3 locals who were out clearing it up, so we now had a 4-man crew to tear through some wood. The crazy winds in early spring wreaked major havoc. The cabin was in the shade last time I was here, today it stands in the open, with a huge number of downed trees ringing the area.  

Cabin w/the cart almost made it
We turned around near this point when the fuel ran out. After a breather & refreshments, we pointed downhill. Straight back down, then dropping the north face back to the car.

Lots & lots of this

Rode these instead of those

Today's route off the hill  was wicked steep & fun. Everything should be clear up yonder for the next trek that way. 

28 May 2012

Been Jonesing for This

Signed up for a long day in the saddle down in the Springs yesterday w/hitech, jaydude & shortbus. And a long day it was, but well worth it!  We met up at the bottom of the Chutes, then headed up, up & away. Made our way up a bit of single-track - Chutes & Wilt Chamberlain, then it was RR grade for the rest of the trek to the top.

Pit Stop #1: about 45min in
Brief respite from the solar rays
About 2hrs in & still spinning upward
We're getting there
Pit Stop #2

4 hrs later & the climbing finally ends, rejoice! I get to hear those lovely words I'd been waiting for all day, "It's all downhill from here", which causes a smile start to form on my lips (which stays there for the next 1hr45m). 

Drop yer seats, kids
Mother Nature was kind with us today
Jay illustrates the 'Attack Position'
Let'er rip!

Keith points it downhill

First long day of the year for me & it was allgood! A long climb (19m) but mostly on RR grade, so it was up to me to sit & spin for hours & grind my way to the top.  The ride almost event-free: we had a few mysteriously dropped chains, I lost my footing & skiied in a sketchy section & slid my knee enough to shed some blood, while Arin went down within sight of the cars on a littered macadam surface, slamming his knee hard. 

My battle scar
Being so far away from civilization never sounded as much like a battlefield as it did yesterday - I'd guess a good percentage of the local 'necks were out slinging lead within 20' of the road and/or emulating Sebastian Loeb w/their pick'em trucks.  The CS Jones ride is good to go, but we still another month till we can get our local Jones Pass done.

Back on the homefront.........
Flying the colors for Memorial Day
Garden as of this morning.
I think we'll put the grill to use today.

26 May 2012

Granite Gray

Did the ChimPex Sunday morning with Kevin. I'm shooting for DFL on that climb. Even sucked hard going down Enchanted, had to hop off & walk 1 of the 2 little ups there.... weak!
We got back a bit too early to have a breakfast beer at GCB, so I decided to roll to White Ranch to hit up the GBS/Niner demo going on. No XL WFOs on hand, sot I squoze myself on a L.
Not as tight a fit as I anticipated, it felt real nice on the good parts of the trail -  a few more times & I'll be getting the feeling of this FS fad.  I was totally spent by the time I finished up Rawhide, but it was such a real fun ride, I continued on for another loop up to the top to get all of Mustang. I enjoyed it's feel much more than the Yeti SB-66 I tried a few weeks back. 

Found my way back to WR Tuesday afternoon, where I met up with Bobby for fun figure-8: Belcher to Mustang to Belcher to Maverick to Longhorn-Whippletree. Belcher kicked my ass, as it does, but I felt somewhat OK when we peaked out. I got a little too rambunctious popping off the drops (plus not having enough pressure in the 'Zocchi - 56spi) on Longhorn & bottomed out hard 2x. I noticed when we reached the car that my right foot, the right side of front wheel & the down-tube were all splattered with oil.....d'oh! 
Good timing, it was about due for a tune-up. Back together & aired up (62psi & 10w in pace of 7.5w), playing it safe till I notice if the higher-viscosity oil makes any difference. 

Wednesday evening brought some wicked Cackalacky noise just up the street, Double Negative finally made it to Denver!  And glad I was that they made it here: their van broke down on the way here, and I saw today it died again out in CA. They rolled into the hall around 10:45, got set up, then tore through a really tight, fast set.  
I was thrilled to finally see DN!!  More lovely ear-piercing music coming soon: Appalachian Terror Unit, followed a week later by Ministry.

Rawk & Wheelies!

17 May 2012

Strava Up, Bitches!

Two weeks off the bike & a head/chest cold, oh joy! Riding while ill sucks.
The 2lb tire didn't help matters
Back up to the top

Here comes the TITS Strava crew.
King of Pinners?
King of Beers?
King of Big Miles?
Sorry about the bad timing on the pic. (2 ladies blocked 1/2 the trail)

OK, I'm ready to pass out, . 
If I can stop coughing.

14 May 2012

We be Trippin'

Made it out to SFCA for a week of fun-ness. Mother Nature showed us her best side as we saw sun all week: no rain, few clouds, and very little fog.

Got in Friday before lunch, and headed into our flat for the week - 4 BRs just blocks away from the center of boy's town (The Castro). Very nice pad, but the bar/restaurant below the front & the random drunks on the street were a bit noisy.
Welcome to the Castro

Got up Saturday & headed to Alcatraz to do the tour, then had a rehearsal dinner in the evening at Yank Sing.
Welcome to Hell
Officer's Club
Looking towards Angel Island
Remains of Warden's house
9' x 5' cell
Officer's Club

Wedding the following morning in the Shakespeare Gardens, immediately followed by crepes & mimosas in the park.  The big gala was held later that evening at the General's Residence - vittles were supplied by 4 food trucks (Onigilly, Kasa, Kung Fu Tacos, The Chariman) & the officiant supplied tasty home-brews for the adults.
Looks accurate
M. le Crêpeur

Strolled the 'hood before going to bed.
This brought the lulz
Moar lulz

Monday, we hopped on a bay cruise, which took us under the Golden Gate Bridge & around Alcatraz Island. We then strolled Fisherman's Wharf, walked along the Maritime National Historical Park, Ghiradelli Square (don't waste your time), and went through the Aquarium of the Bay. Finished the day with a nice family dinner at Catch restaurant.
'Twas windy
So, a seal walks into a club....
Balcutha, 1886
We ate some of their relatives Saturday at dinner

Tuesday was our day in Napa valley: hit up Stag's Leap (stuck up & snooty), Silver Oak (the good stuff was very pricey$), Silverado (very friendly) in the morning. Lunchtime was spent at Bistro Jeanty, then dessert at Bouchon bakery. We finished up our wining at Grgich Hills (meh) & V.Sattui (tasted a port I really liked!). Hit up Takara in Nihon-machi for dinner.  
On l'y a bien bouffé
V. Sattui had some goods

Headed east to Troy's house the next morning, and after a quick stroll around Land's End we loaded up & headed across the bridge to the headlands. Drove through Sausalito, then some scenic roads on our way to see the redwoods in Muir Woods. Busted a move up to Mt. Tam, then back down to Stinson Beach to grab lunch at Breakers. Hit some other sights as well as a quick run-down of the all the single-track in the area. The fog that had blanketed the are in the am was gone by the time we got back to Conzelman Rd, so we had a clear view of the city. Cruised down by Rodeo Beach & back over the bridge to end a fun day with an old Denver buddy....thanks so much for the tour Troy! Mally's parent planned on hitting up Yummy Yummy for dinner, so we headed directly there for some good Viet-food.
Ruins of Sutro Baths
Foggy morning
WWII lookouts
Watching for subs
Fog had cleared by the time we got back here

Thursday morning we headed west to visit the CA Academy of Science, fun for kids of all ages, then worked our way back east to Chinatown, in search of dim sum for lunch. Some relatives mentioned eating at a great place Saturday, but didn't know the name - only that is was on Pacific St. After walking the entirety of Pacific, we chose Great East restaurant: the Pres just ate here, so we figured we could settle. Finally got on the cable cars - took one northbound, then another southbound, stopping at Lombard St to take a gander at its twistiness. After getting back to the crib, we chilled for a bit then walked next door to Amasia, where Ruth met us for some sushi & sake.
Living roof of CA Academy of Sciences
Hanging with the Prez
That was good
Lombard St
Our chauffeur
I tried

Packed up Friday morning & said goodbye to Noe St, and Ruth picked us up to head towards her place before heading to our evening flight. We strolled the bayfront to see the Wave Organ, but the tide was too low for it to work. We then hit up one of the coffeeshops I wanted to try: 4 Barrel....tasty stuff & overflowing with hipster-ness. We looked at some tile & siding with her, since she is in the never-ending process of fixing up her newly-acquired home (Congrats Ruth!!), then grabbed lunch at The Ramp. Finished up our SFCA tour w/one final taste of some real good coffee at Piccino, who serve Sightglass beans - friggin' real good! 
Latte art
Roasted daily
Had to bring one home
With parking like this, how could you not drink here?
Wave Organ
Cool fog over the bridge
Sightglass selection
Do want!
Brought one of these home too

Very cool city that we definitely want to re-visit.