28 May 2012

Been Jonesing for This

Signed up for a long day in the saddle down in the Springs yesterday w/hitech, jaydude & shortbus. And a long day it was, but well worth it!  We met up at the bottom of the Chutes, then headed up, up & away. Made our way up a bit of single-track - Chutes & Wilt Chamberlain, then it was RR grade for the rest of the trek to the top.

Pit Stop #1: about 45min in
Brief respite from the solar rays
About 2hrs in & still spinning upward
We're getting there
Pit Stop #2

4 hrs later & the climbing finally ends, rejoice! I get to hear those lovely words I'd been waiting for all day, "It's all downhill from here", which causes a smile start to form on my lips (which stays there for the next 1hr45m). 

Drop yer seats, kids
Mother Nature was kind with us today
Jay illustrates the 'Attack Position'
Let'er rip!

Keith points it downhill

First long day of the year for me & it was allgood! A long climb (19m) but mostly on RR grade, so it was up to me to sit & spin for hours & grind my way to the top.  The ride almost event-free: we had a few mysteriously dropped chains, I lost my footing & skiied in a sketchy section & slid my knee enough to shed some blood, while Arin went down within sight of the cars on a littered macadam surface, slamming his knee hard. 

My battle scar
Being so far away from civilization never sounded as much like a battlefield as it did yesterday - I'd guess a good percentage of the local 'necks were out slinging lead within 20' of the road and/or emulating Sebastian Loeb w/their pick'em trucks.  The CS Jones ride is good to go, but we still another month till we can get our local Jones Pass done.

Back on the homefront.........
Flying the colors for Memorial Day
Garden as of this morning.
I think we'll put the grill to use today.

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