31 May 2012


No work today, so wanted to do something bigger & funner, so headed west to see how open this,  that and the other might be. 

Not nearly as much snow as last year's 1st attempt

I heard saws going a few minutes after heading up toward the top. I ran into 3 locals who were out clearing it up, so we now had a 4-man crew to tear through some wood. The crazy winds in early spring wreaked major havoc. The cabin was in the shade last time I was here, today it stands in the open, with a huge number of downed trees ringing the area.  

Cabin w/the cart almost made it
We turned around near this point when the fuel ran out. After a breather & refreshments, we pointed downhill. Straight back down, then dropping the north face back to the car.

Lots & lots of this

Rode these instead of those

Today's route off the hill  was wicked steep & fun. Everything should be clear up yonder for the next trek that way. 

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