30 March 2010

NYCore Training

Is NYHC too heavy?

If so, have no fear.......John Joseph is here. He'll learn you how to train in NYC on a budget.
Fresh PMA, uh, ya know?

I'll be on that plan........as soon as I pick up my Ti Litespeed.

I did end up doing some x-training: worked in front of the computer screen for 8hrs, did some painting, sanded some drywall mud & touched up a few places with new mud, pedaled around for an hour, then fed the aminals.

19 March 2010

Rot gut

Wow! The weather was so lovely these past few days. After taking advantage of it & abusing myself Friday, I decided to do the same on Saturday. This time playing in the dirt took on a different meaning.

I got to know all the toilets in the house real well over about 36 hrs Sunday & Monday. All-over aches, 102 fever & frequent sit-downs had me hating life. The master of the house told me I had picked up a stomach bug somehow & that little thing kicked my ass!

Tuesday rolled around - I did a short day of work & felt human again, so I decided to get to a job that I'd been putting off for so long, the drywalling of the garage. Spent about 5 hrs hanging the 6 sheets I picked up. Knees, neck, shoulder & back felt like hell that evening. Had so much fun & still had some motivation left, so I went out & grabbed another 8 sheets & spent another 5 hrs & got all the walls in the garage done. What a difference it makes! What began as rough cut 2 Xs & black backer board was brightened up with the addition of new white Sheetrock. The man-cave comes alive!!

As for our roads.........

12 March 2010

Wimpy Wimperson

Work got cancelled, so I headed out the door on an MTB (yeah, it's been a while) & rolled up to check out the trails at GM. I was shocked by the beautiful weather this morning & so glad I didn't have to work today, even though I really need the loot. Mid-March, blue skies - able to wear shorts & 1 thin shirt comfortably. Read the lower traverse of GM was dry, so headed that-a-way & it was dry as a desert. Decided to head across to hit up the DR, climbing Zorro to get there, of course. DR - the best piece of trail we have in the local scene, no matter how tired, it's worth climbing up to roll the fun stuff. Coming back through GM, I turned left & hit the middle traverse, knowing full well that it was gonna have some mud to walk through & it didn't let me down.

You're not seeing things - I am atop a carbon fiber 26" bike with independent suspension & semi-automatic shifter thingys.

Came rolling into the FL parking lot & saw E's car. I glance up to my left - lo & behold, there he is just starting up. I was about dead, but after about 3 seconds of arm-twisting, he talked me into heading back out for another round of abuse. This time, we headed straight up, then dropped down Rooney Valley, up Zorro to DR & back to the lot via the lower traverse. Really felt it, and I still had about 8 miles of pavement to get home. May have hit close to the 40 mile mark, all said & done. That's jumping back in with all 3 feet!

E, you were right, I did absolutely no shoveling dirt after making it home.....tomorrow, I promise.

11 March 2010


Got some big OT this week, so the only pedaling has been to the grocer's. The ice/snow last night hurt while pedaling in it, but I just had to get beers.

I was forced to drive my car today. Since I don't often drive, I never go by roadside emissions tests, and because of this, I had to go to a testing station & pay them $25 just so I could re-up my registration. 'Fine' doled out by the man to penalize those who don't drive their cars enough.

Doing some digging out back: putting in 2 raised bed gardens & a 24' x 8' patio.

I didn't see 1 second of the so-called Olympic games. Did I miss anything important?

Melvins coming June 29. (smile)

Rock out!