11 March 2010


Got some big OT this week, so the only pedaling has been to the grocer's. The ice/snow last night hurt while pedaling in it, but I just had to get beers.

I was forced to drive my car today. Since I don't often drive, I never go by roadside emissions tests, and because of this, I had to go to a testing station & pay them $25 just so I could re-up my registration. 'Fine' doled out by the man to penalize those who don't drive their cars enough.

Doing some digging out back: putting in 2 raised bed gardens & a 24' x 8' patio.

I didn't see 1 second of the so-called Olympic games. Did I miss anything important?

Melvins coming June 29. (smile)

Rock out!

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  1. what?? you're putting a pump track in your back yard around the raised garden beds? sweet!!!