12 March 2010

Wimpy Wimperson

Work got cancelled, so I headed out the door on an MTB (yeah, it's been a while) & rolled up to check out the trails at GM. I was shocked by the beautiful weather this morning & so glad I didn't have to work today, even though I really need the loot. Mid-March, blue skies - able to wear shorts & 1 thin shirt comfortably. Read the lower traverse of GM was dry, so headed that-a-way & it was dry as a desert. Decided to head across to hit up the DR, climbing Zorro to get there, of course. DR - the best piece of trail we have in the local scene, no matter how tired, it's worth climbing up to roll the fun stuff. Coming back through GM, I turned left & hit the middle traverse, knowing full well that it was gonna have some mud to walk through & it didn't let me down.

You're not seeing things - I am atop a carbon fiber 26" bike with independent suspension & semi-automatic shifter thingys.

Came rolling into the FL parking lot & saw E's car. I glance up to my left - lo & behold, there he is just starting up. I was about dead, but after about 3 seconds of arm-twisting, he talked me into heading back out for another round of abuse. This time, we headed straight up, then dropped down Rooney Valley, up Zorro to DR & back to the lot via the lower traverse. Really felt it, and I still had about 8 miles of pavement to get home. May have hit close to the 40 mile mark, all said & done. That's jumping back in with all 3 feet!

E, you were right, I did absolutely no shoveling dirt after making it home.....tomorrow, I promise.

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