19 March 2010

Rot gut

Wow! The weather was so lovely these past few days. After taking advantage of it & abusing myself Friday, I decided to do the same on Saturday. This time playing in the dirt took on a different meaning.

I got to know all the toilets in the house real well over about 36 hrs Sunday & Monday. All-over aches, 102 fever & frequent sit-downs had me hating life. The master of the house told me I had picked up a stomach bug somehow & that little thing kicked my ass!

Tuesday rolled around - I did a short day of work & felt human again, so I decided to get to a job that I'd been putting off for so long, the drywalling of the garage. Spent about 5 hrs hanging the 6 sheets I picked up. Knees, neck, shoulder & back felt like hell that evening. Had so much fun & still had some motivation left, so I went out & grabbed another 8 sheets & spent another 5 hrs & got all the walls in the garage done. What a difference it makes! What began as rough cut 2 Xs & black backer board was brightened up with the addition of new white Sheetrock. The man-cave comes alive!!

As for our roads.........

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