08 October 2012

Back in the Saddle

Finger bone's mostly mended, so wanted to head out for a test ride. I received a request to show Jones Pass to some ne'er-been-there's the sights, so I couldn't say no. (Sept 8)

Typical crappy views
Pettingell Peak
Mandatory posing
Herman Lake
Trent was all smiles
Mark working the RIP
"I don't think bikes are allowed on this trail"

Jones was pure goodness as always. Finger survived with just a dull pain on the rockiest of sections, so I headed back to Warrior Princess to end the lift-assisted season. I let the Honzo rest for most runs & napped atop a few different FS bikes....damn, I like me some Entourage! (Sept 15, 16, 21)
Berthoud Falls
Looking back from Zephyr

Headed south to rendezvous w/some of the Inflexibles for a tour around Monument. Good, good trail system there.  Always a fun ride with that crew. Thanks for the tour, Joe! (Sept 23)
Arin wimped out & brought gears
Jaydude on a roll
Keith riding the bus
Our fearless guide, Joe

Spent some time in CCC doing a lil' exploration, and showing a few trails to folks. (Sept 28; Oct 1, 3)

Yellow brick road?

Mally & I relaxed for a 3-day weekend & headed to Salida. I'd been there a few times, but always a quick trip to do Monarch, then jet back home. When we arrived, we hit up one of the regular must-visits, Los Girasoles for dinner - muy bien! 

I also happened to ride 2 new-to-me trails (plus another that could be considered new - only other time on it I had a broked finger & was in excruciating pain atop the rigid KM) Friday was a quickie down Green's Creek - WOW!! (Oct 5)

It was chilly & quite windy on the crest
Had some great scenery
Where I'd been
760' up, lots & lots of down. I think I have a new favorite trail
Oh, joy!
Some gold near the bottom of Green's

Mally picked me up near the bottom of Greens, then we headed into the big city to see what it had to offer. We lunched at The Fritz, good grub. Then we strolled a few blocks over & I made my 1st  visit to Absolute Bikes. That place is very cool, a veritable bike museum up in the rafters. Came back in town later in the evening to fress at Current's - Mally enjoyed her steak & my snapper was delish.

On Saturday Mally, Zeke & I did a little hike up the CO trail. (Oct 6). We checked out the big city & found some sites to pitch our tent next time we come back.  
Looking towards Monarch Pass, Rt 50

Lots of sun with very little wind, so we chilled here for a while
Zeke & I got our drank on
Mally almost got blown away by the wind
We then head up to Mt Princeton hot springs & chilled, or should I say sweat until sunset. Rolled into town to check out Amica's, which was the place to be Saturday night -  a bit pricey, but good shit.

Sunday was NASA (Neatly Assimilating Starvation & Agate) day. Felt like Agate had more ups than what it shows on elevation maps. I was worked after that. We then drove up to the top of Starvation (with some minor issues involved), and did some bombing downwards.   (Oct 7)

Scott on the Crest
Crossing Agate Crik...
...re-crossing Agate Crik...
...and again...
Definitely the last crossing
Add a few rocks here & there
Those wagon wheels would have smoothed out those rocks had you just pedaled through'em!
4-bike trailer hitch over whoops may be unhealthy. Good thing it was a Nomad - no problems!

Part II begins - Starvation Crik was just pure goodness! I needed a much bigger gear, couldn't keep nearly enough speed with 32x20 on the flatter parts.

Firing up their Stravas
We're done already?!
Jeff is pleased
Future mission's are in the works for more double-shuttles, possibly a triple-shuttle day. To the moon, Alice! 

16 August 2012

Summer's Almost Over

...and I have got a few good rides in....until got that hand x-rayed.

Had a Subie engine re-built....correctly.
Continued growing veg
To celebrate our freedoms, we hit Jones Pass again
Happy Independence Day!
We hiked...
We posed
We smiled...lots

Enjoyed Jones Pass so much, we went back for picnic on a hot day
We harvested some purple veg....

More 2-wheel chaos ensued in July, but I kept the camera tucked away, as it was mostly done on super secret trails. Two episodes of chaos stand out most: I was following Jason down Cruel &Unusual, and spaced on the little gap (0:56) he had just warned me about. I was rolling a touch too slow to clear it, and way too fast to roll over, so I instinctively balled up like a roly-poly & gave some standers-by a good show. 4 days later, Aaron & I were wheeling Bear Arms and I had major pedal-strike in the wooded zone, which instantly catapulted me OTB. When we left that day, my hand was feeling a bit off - figured I just stubbed it real good.

Saturday the 28th was an excellent pedal set up by Jeremy - a good number of the T.I.T.S. & Inflexables crews met up in Poncha Springs for a day of enjoyment. MCT isn't too insane, so I decided to take the KM I thought it'd be a fun, chill group ride.

Headed out feeling allgood as we rolled upward & across the scenic sections. Trouble was, we took  an extended route: Starvation Creek, then back up top to Silver Creek. As soon as we hit Starvation, I started hurting, bad. I had to stop several times because I couldn't handle the pain in my right hand.  Had to bail at Rainbow since I was out of food/water & in no shape to continue.

Hirsch grinding back up the never-ending road

It's (almost) all downhill from here

After, I gave in & went to get an x-ray & found out it wasn't a bruise, or a badly stubbed finger.

Looks like August is a wash on biking. Good thing I'm busy with work & other thangs. Reggae on the Rocks coming up soon with Burning Spear & Steel Pulse, nice!

Grab it here, and listen for my voice (I attended the 2nd night of this recording)