25 May 2011

Fresh Meat

Made for a noisy ride, with all the boulders being flung into the frame..
Loved it!
...and rear.

Wish I had sharp brand-new edges on every ride.
Saw a troupe of beggars on top of Evergreen Mt.
...or he may have just been enamored with my camera.

Evergreen dirt is primo!
T.I.T.S. tomorrow? Yeah, I'll grab on.

Warranty frame is ready for a brakeset.
I entertained the idea of selling this Al frame, then buying a steel frame w/a Reba but instead decided to see how long this one will last.
Soon to be rolling over you on a local trail.

19 May 2011


We voyaged.
From NY....
...à Paris
We looked at a bridge from atop 3.25 million yards³ of concrete.
After our encounter with Zeus on Olympus...
...we visited the Venetian canals.

My advice: if you see this, go in & eat a une pâtisserie.

Mystère? Freakin' sweet!

Back on the home front, it's raining.

Hope this thing works.

Looking for a warm, windy day tomorrow. We need drier mud.

13 May 2011

35 x 370.....

...as in 35 rides encompassing 370 days.

I knew there was a reason why I've always avoided cleaning the dirt off my bikes.
So, who put their money on 1 yr?  *
Top tube @ Head tube.
Seat tube just above Top tube.
Back to WI with ya!

Al, it was fun while it lasted but I think I'll go back to my trusty pal, Steel.
Hope to be putting out an ad for a 2011 Rig w/Fox fork real soon.

*Spike wins with 13 months.
I'll decide what he wins when I next see him....a size 13 perhaps?

03 May 2011

1st Timer

Sort of 1st-timer:
135 days after my mishap, I took my first MTB pedal.....and it was GOOD.
Plans were made by Mally to visit friends in GJ/Fruita, which coincided with both FFTF & the time I felt almost comfortable to ride dirt. Hopped outta the car on top of the Ribbon & got picked up at the bottom. Saw 11 others, 7 of which were with in 100m of lower parking lot. Then on Sat, went to Loma & ran into Greg, so we rode some trails together. Fun times!!

The mornings consisted of dirt & the afternoons of wine, mead, port & restaurants. Bin707 had some tasty vittles for a great price. Went for a scenic drive on the way out of town.
1 of the 2 climbers we saw was just about to clear the top ledge. No freakin' way I'd ever do that!
Pipe Organ rock.

As for this, I am a true 1st-timer:
Bought some tubes...
...filed away till they fit together....
...burnt a bunch of metal till it stuck together....
...filed away as much crap as I could.
Finding my CS length so I could hack off the extra tubeage.
Precision equipment in use to calculate BB drop/height.