03 May 2011

1st Timer

Sort of 1st-timer:
135 days after my mishap, I took my first MTB pedal.....and it was GOOD.
Plans were made by Mally to visit friends in GJ/Fruita, which coincided with both FFTF & the time I felt almost comfortable to ride dirt. Hopped outta the car on top of the Ribbon & got picked up at the bottom. Saw 11 others, 7 of which were with in 100m of lower parking lot. Then on Sat, went to Loma & ran into Greg, so we rode some trails together. Fun times!!

The mornings consisted of dirt & the afternoons of wine, mead, port & restaurants. Bin707 had some tasty vittles for a great price. Went for a scenic drive on the way out of town.
1 of the 2 climbers we saw was just about to clear the top ledge. No freakin' way I'd ever do that!
Pipe Organ rock.

As for this, I am a true 1st-timer:
Bought some tubes...
...filed away till they fit together....
...burnt a bunch of metal till it stuck together....
...filed away as much crap as I could.
Finding my CS length so I could hack off the extra tubeage.
Precision equipment in use to calculate BB drop/height.

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  1. Glad to hear you're all healed up!

    Looks like a fun project...Are you welding or brazing?