16 May 2010

And now for something completely different!

Met up w/canyonrat, PBRme!, s.s. spike & av boy to head west outta the 543 lot.
Nice weather, so already at 9am the lot was starting to get filled.

Yep, the rumor's true.
Today my bike was cleaner than Jerry's!
However, that should be the only time we'll let that happen.

Wait a minute! Who's bike is that?

C'est le mien.
I shocked everyone with my new toy today.
As I hinted at in previous posts, I've sold out & gone front squish on a major-brand bike.

Never fear, it ain't got no shifting pieces. You probably won't see any of that on one of my bikes for a long time to come.
Been comparing bikes over the past year, trying to come up with what I would roll next. Schemed up lotsa options, tweaks & ideas, & the Rig ended up being the best value only a bit above my price range.

As for today's pedal, Spike led us around some lesser-known routes, eventually working our way out to the wilderness boundary.

Coming back from there, we ran into nomit, who was making his attempt at mountaingoat's spiderweb ITT. 4h40m into it & he was looking good. After what seemed like eternal climbing (spike was leading, so whatdya figure?), I was finally able to unlock the bouncy thing up front & see what happened. It took some time to get over the thought that I was running on a flat tire, and when I did: WOW! Those FOX things are hella fun. Ran out of water just before reaching the CT-tip top of Shinglemill, so I was dragging ass to the bottom on our final sweet descent, but still smiling.

lubes is pleased! A nice break-in ride of just over 40miles at BC.

PS - It's an Al frame, so, who is in for setting up a pool on when I break it? You know it's gonna happen, but how soon?.


  1. spike19:43

    I don't remember any climbs on that ride?!?!?!?! And I call 13 months for the frame?(but longer if you only ride the surly)

  2. i call 5 months if you are mostly riding it, cause you are full of some torque.....and shit!

  3. Wait isn't this bike only for sundays?

  4. I say end of summer...Diesel engine and chinese alu = bottom bracket torn clean off...