30 May 2010


It's been warm lately.
So warm, most all the trails down here are dry & some of those up higher are getting better.
Got out a few times week - it was both full of pain & joy at the same time. Got in 4 rides: 3 Sisters/Evergreen, C. Cone, Bergen Peak, & 3 Sis /Evergreen again.
Was pleased to get my out-back time at the Cone down to 2:25 Tuesday afternoon, racer boy styley.
Hit up Bergen w/e, spike & avion.nomad, who all proceeded to punish me & put me back in my place as the Omega rider. Only 2nd time riding there. I hit it up once just after moving here & got so beaten up that I avoided it like the plague since then. The Bergen climb was tough, but in the end I liked it much much more than Mt Falcon. Being in the trees rather than in the blazing sun makes a huge difference. Even with the new squishy bike, coming down was also a workout. I have to admit I even got off & walked through 2 sketchy sections - Say what you will.
The next night, joined up for the T/I.T.S. ride at Dedisse/3 Sisters/Evergreen Mt. Started out w/7 - 4 of whom were east coasters. Felt the after effects of the previous days' rides as we hit the climbs. However, once we started rolling down of Evergreem Mt, all that was a thing of the past. Fun & fast descent!! As we were about head down the techy section of Sister's trail, Funrover came rolling up, as he had arrived late & got in some solo miles.

Took a shot at the FATS trail today. Left Gtown & headed over to Silver Plume & had to roll the path since the conductor was making it difficult to hit the singletrack over there. Headed up to Pavilion Pt & made it there quicker than I expected. Couldn't quite remember the entrance to FATS & put in an extra mile or so turning around, before realizing I had to go further.
Did the hike-a-bike for a bit until I succumbed to the cold, white nasty stuff. Didn't know exactly the layout of the trail & didn't want to get off course, so I gave up & headed back down.

The next section of singletrack was hidden to my eyes. Could be b/c I'd only ridden it once & followed the Goat, or b/c of all the construction going on. Barriers erected beside the road, so I had no idea where to turn off & ended up rolling G Pass Rd the whole way back into town, and continued to the east end of town to hit the Silver Creek? trail. I love this section of trail: a slight grade on the way out with fun tech the entire way.
Turned out to be a lovely CO day - too bad I didn't get all the dirt I was hoping for.

.....next time.

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