21 May 2010

Traffic Jams outside of Golden?

Aye aye, sir!
Your word is my command, Sheldon.

This week, I went back to hit some faves that I ain't been on for months.
PBRMe! moved this week's T.I.T.S. ride to Tuesday since he had to leave for Vancouver Thursday morn, so the Rig has it's 1st taste of 3 Sisters & Evergreen Mt that night. 
We met at Nate & Rachel's place to roll through Dedisse to do the normal route around 3 Sis & up the Mt. GotDirt tried out Nate's WFO for the ride & was quite pleased.
I finally had the chance to unlock the Fox fork & truly give this suspension fad a try while descending Evergreen Mt. Oh yeah! The difference was amazing - normally the Monkey is clanging & banging through the rocks, while the Rig was as  silent as a ninja slipping in through the window. Only thing I heard was the rubber rolling the whole way down.
Terry enjoyed the descent as well - the grin on his face had to compare to mine as we were both enjoying the cushion for the 1st time in a long while.

Work got cancelled for Friday, so I decided to get back to one of my favorite weekday morning ride - Centennial Cone. I wonder if the Monkey got jealous, cuz when I went to load up I found the rear tire on the Rig was dead. 
No problem, CC ain't got nothing that needs cush, just fast rolling fun. 
When I arrived, I was astounded at the great work on the new parking area, as well as a much better entrance to Mayhem Gulch trail.

The new Mayhem lot. None of those cars, 'cept mine, were there 2 1/2 hrs ago!

CC was just as fun as the last time I was here. No monstrous lung-buster climbs, nothing too techy, just a nice 21.7 miles of ST that gives you a good workout & keeps ya honest. The sun & heat have done some work b/c it was Dry as a Bone today.

Out yonder is the 1/2-way point.

Thought I was gonna luck out & be all alone at the cone. Didn't see one soul the whole way out to the north parking area. But, by the time I got back over the rocky high-point, the others started to show up. Ended up seeing 11 riders & 4 hikers....weekdays at the cone are allgood. 

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