13 May 2010

Sold Out

Gang Green used to rock. Their tunes from 'This is Boston, Not LA' are their best (which I've mentioned several times as being THE BEST hardcore compilation).
This 1984 7", 'Sold Out' is still on the better side of their stuff, before they changed their sound to the more stadium-oriented rock shit that they went to later in the 80s.

From KFTH:
"Two great hardcore songs on the first side, similar to the Boston Not L.A. tracks but with a little better recording quality. Chris Doherty's vocals are fuckin great. Side two is a dub version of "Sold Out," kind of interesting...                                                                                                        -CHRIS"

From FlexDiscography:
"Their debut 7” remains their best release, along with the tracks on Boston not LA. Ultrafast Boston hardcore, excellent drumming, good production, wild and powerful. A hardcore classic, except for the ultra short playing time. [9]"

It's ripped from green vinyl, it's gotta be good, right?!

Download here.
Speaking of selling out, you just wait........

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