25 February 2010

Pine Valley

Made it out play in the snow 2 more times this week.
Hit up Pine Valley after work, both Tuesday & Wednesday. The 1st night was a pack-down-the-trail ride consisting of 12 wheels, so we did a pretty good job of it. Almost went back for another loop seeing how well the trail felt in the sweep position. I probably woulda had to have been airlifted out if we really had gone for another round.

Heading up Strawberry Jack....

Jerry trying to figure out which way is up....

Saw snow might be coming, along with a change in my schedule made me decide to head right back out the next night to ride the freshly smoothed out trails. Not so! 24hrs made quite a difference to conditions, cuz it was much harder this time around. Wind gusts have drifted over some sections & the snow was much crazier to deal with, especially in the descents. I may have been on trail 50% of Buck Gulch.

Spike decided not to wear pink tonight...


  1. Snow was freaky weird last night.Somebody coulda got hurt.

  2. 12 wheels and four paws dont be leavin b&w out!