26 May 2012

Granite Gray

Did the ChimPex Sunday morning with Kevin. I'm shooting for DFL on that climb. Even sucked hard going down Enchanted, had to hop off & walk 1 of the 2 little ups there.... weak!
We got back a bit too early to have a breakfast beer at GCB, so I decided to roll to White Ranch to hit up the GBS/Niner demo going on. No XL WFOs on hand, sot I squoze myself on a L.
Not as tight a fit as I anticipated, it felt real nice on the good parts of the trail -  a few more times & I'll be getting the feeling of this FS fad.  I was totally spent by the time I finished up Rawhide, but it was such a real fun ride, I continued on for another loop up to the top to get all of Mustang. I enjoyed it's feel much more than the Yeti SB-66 I tried a few weeks back. 

Found my way back to WR Tuesday afternoon, where I met up with Bobby for fun figure-8: Belcher to Mustang to Belcher to Maverick to Longhorn-Whippletree. Belcher kicked my ass, as it does, but I felt somewhat OK when we peaked out. I got a little too rambunctious popping off the drops (plus not having enough pressure in the 'Zocchi - 56spi) on Longhorn & bottomed out hard 2x. I noticed when we reached the car that my right foot, the right side of front wheel & the down-tube were all splattered with oil.....d'oh! 
Good timing, it was about due for a tune-up. Back together & aired up (62psi & 10w in pace of 7.5w), playing it safe till I notice if the higher-viscosity oil makes any difference. 

Wednesday evening brought some wicked Cackalacky noise just up the street, Double Negative finally made it to Denver!  And glad I was that they made it here: their van broke down on the way here, and I saw today it died again out in CA. They rolled into the hall around 10:45, got set up, then tore through a really tight, fast set.  
I was thrilled to finally see DN!!  More lovely ear-piercing music coming soon: Appalachian Terror Unit, followed a week later by Ministry.

Rawk & Wheelies!

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