04 June 2012

June is here!

With Saturday came another National Trails Days, so the plan was to head to GM straight away & sling some dirt: however, Mally's car decided to act up again on her way home early in the morning. This meant back to the garage and more reading up in the Subie forums, all before 6am. After a bit more researching & testing, it seems (hopefully) that I left an air pocket when filling the radiator after replacing the thermostat a few days before.  (Car ran fine for several days, then tried to overheat Friday evening on her way to work, but returned to normal quickly. Saturday early-am it decided to stay in the red zone.)

Believing my efforts were successful, I threw my stuff in the car & headed to GM to join in the dirt-diggin' fun, about an hour behind schedule. Hiked up near the top & grabbed a pick & dug in for about 2.5hrs, till storm clouds brought thunder & lightning. Dropped the tools, & hiked it back to the lot, where I pulled my 1st beer @10:34am. 

                Dear COMBA,
                              Thanks you for supporting me in my ongoing efforts to drink before noon.
                                                                                                                   Cheers,  lubes

Carrie wrote an article about the day
New single-track section instead of the road up top of GM + my 2nd trail day this week = Sweeet!!

Recently replaced the bent chain-ring on the Monkey, so decided to get back on it & give the Honzo a rest & hit some mellow smooth trails. Hooked up w/some of The Usual Suspects at BC & rolled out for a long-ish day. 

The Chad rockin' wheelies
Itchy down there?
Sean in training mode
Turned out the normal front-runners were on a race-pace & put the hurt to me quickly.  Broke my chain heading to Chair Rocks, 2nd snappage for that chain so looks like an after-work trip for a replacement.
The one time they stopped enough for me to catch my breath
Michael & Glenn
Bobby (not going slow)

About 35 miles total, 33 of which seemed to be heading uphill with almost no breaks. After my quads started trying to cramp on me, I decided it was time for my trail beer, despite what the Strava-ites were doing. Laid around for about 15 minutes, with my legs trying to cramp the entire time - finally was able to hop back on the bike & finished it up.  

Painful, but good fun (after it was over & we were in the lot drinking cold beers).

Oh yeah, the subie has been rolling smoothly since Saturday am.
Wheelies, y'all!

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