08 April 2012


Took a 4-day weekend away from Lakewood & we spent it in Steamboat. Hot weather for a few weeks had us wondering about the slopes, but we had no worries, just wanted to chill for a few days. My sister's friend hooked us us with employee lift tickets for a day, so we got on the little snow left. Found that I still remembered how to ski after only a run or two.

Vacation has officially begun
The shittiest fold-out in the world. Glad no one had to use it.
Mally shreds

Not a whole lot of snow, but enough for us to slide around one day. We heard they were closing the lower section Monday due to too little snow. Loaded up the car Monday morning to head home and the snow started-a-dropping.

Ice accumulating at Rabbit Ears Pass, west.
By the time we pulled into the driveway.

Forgot the camera on all 3 rides this week, but I can say that the rain/snow made for some delightful dirt. Buff Creek rode most excellently Thursday night, then Evergreen Mt was exquisite on Saturday morning. 

Half of Denver felt Easter morning would be a good day to ride Centennial Cone, which had very few sections of that moisty dirt left, so it was quite a traffic jam out there. Heading up just past Elk Creek & it sounded like a shot rang out from my rear tire. Started to pull it off to change & saw that it was much worse than I thought - huge sidewall tear at the bead. 7 miles back to the car, so time for some McGuyver-ing: duct tape, tire boots, more duct tape, zip ties around the outside of the tire with more duct tape, air pressure in the teens, and riding as delicately as possible got me back to the lot with my tube intact. That was a relief!  

Safe & sound back home
The innards
Sean may have got his payback about me beating him to these tires on Craigslist last fall, or else it may have been him with the blowout.

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