17 April 2012


Thursday night got out to Evergreen Mt, then met up with the TITS crew, making a total of 16 bikes. 
At the top, fun time starts now
Headed back up to the top once more for a fun run down in the dark. Smiles all around - a few mentioned that they had never descended that & were willing to head up again so they could hit it one more time. Glad to hear that - it's my favorite local descent, 2.5 miles of pure flowy fun!  Back near the lower lot, everyone headed back to Dedisse to beat the curfew, so I finalized my ride with a quickie w/the Sisters.....good stuff!

The next evening PBRMe! suggested a late-morning ride on Saturday w/Hirsch at Lair of the Bear. Chance had it that besoft, his buddy Sean, and Pete Otis Town also rolled in at the same time as us. Our group of 6 took an easy pedal to Pence, imbibed our morning bevies, then headed back to the lot.....but not before I had another tire failure: I saw the rock, told myself to avoid it, focused my eyes on it & nailed it almost dead on, blowing my front tube instantly. 
The Rock & the Damage Done

Back on the homefront, I did a little weatherproofing for the veggies. Hoping to get some stuff in the ground a week or 2 earlier than normal with the 'greenhouse'.
PVC framework.
Winterized for the chilly nights.

Got around to dealing with tires and/or tubes tonight - decided try tubeless again & went through the motions to get that Purgatory mounted up. Above pic shows the slice the rock did to the tire, which I found after the Stan's blew out of it like a geyser. Pulled it off, cleaned it up, then took a quick pedal to the shop to grab a new tire boot kit to fix that hole & remount it....only to have air/Stan's blow out, this time on the sidewall near the bead.
1.4mm hole - too much for Stan's to seal
Once again, I pulled it off & booted the barely noticeable slit - Finally, success!

Thinking of riding the KM tomorrow, so I pulled it down to find the rear tire was flat. After the Cone incident, I mounted up the other, almost new Rampage w/an unused tube. I found the issue pretty quickly. (Note to self: always check to see that your 'new' 2nd hand tires don't have 1/2 a dozen thorns already embedded in the casing before mounting them) Glued several patches on that unused tube, so we'll see in the am if all's well.

Found a pro-shot copy of Refused's entire set from Coachella (much, much better quality than this) & diggin it.

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