29 April 2012


After the fun at White Ranch, I have also gone back to 2 others I haven't seen in a while: Deer Creek & Bergen Peak. Finished extremely early Friday, & saw an MTBR post mentioning Deer Crik, so got Kevin to meet up for a good spin around it. 
Kevin's looking ripped
Crucial turn
Kevin at the bottom of The Wall
Moi   -pic by PBRMe!
Saw someone looking at a map, and it turned out to be the dood that posted on eMpTyBeeR looking for the best route. He enjoyed it lots, while his brother shredded a tire & had to hike it back to the car. Seems they traded bikes at the lot, cuz we saw him coming back up as we rolled outta there. The Wall was pure goodness (descending, NOT ascending)

Sunday morning, went to meet up with Eric & Bobby to assault Bergen Peak. It wasn't Eric's day, as his BB was so shot, it turned his non-driveside cup out & stopped the cranks from spinning. Major bummer to start the day, especially as he had just driven from Pb-ville to pedal, and ended up turning around & going straight back home. 
So, Bobby & I headed up and up and up.....
Bergen Peak - 9,800'?
Nearing the intersection of Too Long & Bergen Trails
Bobby riding smooth
One of the few rocks out there.

We were both feeling pretty good, and discussed heading to Dedisse, and possibly further. Fortunately, we made the right choice & stuck around the meadow, looping Elk Ridge 3x in total to finish the day.


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    bummer about e- sorry couldnt join ya