20 April 2012

Another Week, Another Ride

Gonna get wet? Gonna stay dry? Rain in Kittredge, blue skies from the lot up to the top of Evergreen Mt, where I saw a blue donut hole effect, as some big rain split up as it neared. Caught a few drizzles as I neared the lot again, then cleared up just as quick. Up near The Brother I sighted a rainbow.

No double rainbow for me
Not a pot of luck, but it'll do just fine.

Waited for the rest of the crew near the upper lot & let another rain cloud blow by with only a few sprinkles again. Kevin & Joe did wheelies the entire climb up Evergreen Mt as Hirch & I struggled to stay upright.

Back to the top for rip-roaring fun trip back to the car - only a few raindrops the entire ride & some almost moist soil made for good times.

Since it's that day......

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