20 January 2013

Metal Circus

Took up GBS's offer to pedal a FatBike today.  Squeezed myself onto a L Pugsley that had some strange levers beside the grips, and when I pressed them with my thumbs, it made it easier to climb, what a novel idea!  Great fun, despite the 60° weather & dusty trails.

What would Bob Mould say?

Things took a turn for the worse when loading up to head home. My marvel of Teutonic engineering refused to move from 'P', so had to get it loaded up & deposited in the driveway.  
1st time tow, as the shipping plugs were still intact.
Quick research at home showed it to be something I had recently looked at repairing, but put off in hopes of more time/better weather. Warm weather this week will be a blessing. 

For the other old folks out there that get it.

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