17 January 2013

Mayan Winter

Since our last episode:

Moving seatpost installed

Xmas eve on GM

Xmas surprise, no mo' cold toes!

Met up with Kevin (b-day boy) & Joe for a NYE pedal around Elk Meadows to make sure all was in order for the next morning.

Eerie looking

The beginning of a new year also meant it was time for the 4th Annual Beerd Belly Ride.

Bikes...of all sorts
Blue skies
Booze, again

Back on the home-front: finally moved into the 90s by picking up a fancy Droid4, so time to play my part in being a Stravasshole!

The holiday times are usually a bit slow at work, so I finally got some long-awaited home projects. First on the list was a minor job of re-painting the upstairs bathrooms, in order to cover up the salmon/peach walls. Hall toilet went smoothly, but the main bath ended up turning into a bit more work, involving new paint, vanity, sink, faucet, mirror & wall cabinet.  I am now IKEA-experienced.  Godmorgon!

Must stay hydrated during house repairs.
Next up was the basement project. It only took 4yrs, 3months & 12 days, but the house finally became 100% carpet-free. (Except for 2 small spots where some previous workers built 2 closet walls on top of the carpet in one of the basement BRs!) Re-painted most ceilings, all the walls, replaced all light fixtures/outlets/switches/plates, then laid bamboo looking resilient flooring in all the rooms. I now have a garage again, as we were finally able to bring thin the couch Mally picked up earlier in the fall.  An acceptable room/place to zone out, finally!

Finished it up just in time to head back to an all-day everyday work schedule for the past 10 days.  Hoping to get out this weekend for a little pedal - plan on putting my fat ass on one of those fatbikes for a lil' spin on Sunday out of GBS.


  1. You play MTG?

    Coming to the prerelease on the 27th?

  2. MTG? I do know TMZ.