30 January 2013

Feeling Almost Human

Had 2 days of work after the towing episode, and Wednesday was canceled, so aimed to do some re-wiring in the forecast sunny & warm 60f weather. When I began the job, I had a strange feeling that the clouds overhead were keeping it a bit on the chilly side, and found it was not even 40f at 11am.
11 of 12 wires were completely snapped
My body was felling achy and weak, so I powered through the slicing, splicing, soldering & jamming all the wires back into place and once again had a working car. 
Good enough for gubmint work
Me, on the other hand, I was hurting, so I headed straight to the hot shower, then off to bed....where I stayed until Saturday afternoon. Major chest/head cough roughed me up good, and had to cancel 2 days of work in that time. Monday rolled around, and felt almost back to normal after a full day of work, so rolled up to J.Paks HQ to grab my newly-finished framebag. Love Joe's handiwork, this thing rocks! 
Frame Pack & RukSak packed with lots of room still!
I knew the Monkey needed some TLC as winter puts a beating on bikes (plus I don't think I've done any maintenance on it since summer) so I pulled the cranks to find the non-drive BB cup was seized, d'oh! No Surly Mr. Whirly BB cups available anywhere, looks like production can't keep up with demand, so I decided to go with an XT instead. Slapped it in & the KM is ready to roll, sporting some fine J.Paks equipment.

Ready for TITS tomorrow night, hope I am

Psyched to get back on the bike after a 2-week furlough....hope I survive.

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