23 July 2009

The Monkey is dead. Long live the Monkey!

It put up a good fight, but my above-average ass did it in....I'm sure the local trails didn't help matters.

PBRMe & I met early at 3 Sisters and planned on a bit of pedaling before meeting up with the COMBA Social ride. We hopped on & went up Hidden Fawn, then stopped to decide which way to go to make it to the meeting point in time. Decision made, so I started to clip & stood up to pedal & had that feeling of rear axle slippage. I completed another stroke & it still felt strange, so I hopped off to see what was happening. I figured it couldn't be slippage since I had my Tuggnutt fastened & hadn't ever had an issue with it. While standing beside the bike, I pushed on the pedal to see where this instant suspension-like flex was coming from, when lo & behold, I see a section of air that shouldn't exist in the downtube.

I do feel very lucky with my bad luck lately. My rear tire tumor happened within 1/2 mile of ending a large ride. This mishap occurred within 1/4 mile of leaving the car, instead of during the ultra-adventure of last week, or that of Spikefest. Not as bad a break as it coulda been. (nice pun, eh?)

Almost 3 yrs of hard abuse has me thinking I'll end up putting another of the same between my legs for a few more years of enjoyment.

Shit Brown XL Karate Monkey
10/20/2006 - 7/23/2009

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  1. Aww No, the Monkey. It had a good life being crushed by the Lubes. We gonna have a ceremony and bury it among the brethren? Later shitty monkey, know the TITS crew loved thee.