06 July 2009

Having no luck w/my rubbers

-Got out & pedaled into the big city w/e, Troy & Steve yesterday to0 see some tires I researched up close & personal. Salvagetti's had the top 2 contenders on my list, Maxxis Crossmark & Kenda Nevegal. After spending some time squeezing'em like Charmin & eying'em up & down, I decided the Crossmark would be best - seems like a longer-lasting rubber & less space between the treads.

Did some searching last night & this morning, and came across a month old ad on Craigslist for a cheap pair. Miracle of miracles, they were still sitting there, so they are now in the mail heading this way.

-Noticed a bubble in the left rear tire of the Audi as well last week. I already knew they were balding like my own noggin, but now it became imperative to replace them or else there would be no driving, except for local surface roads under 40mph w/out risking a blowout. Ending up goping with a set from General, so I no longer need be scared of doing donuts when the road surface humidity gets over 43%.

Y'all like BBQ Chicken?

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