27 July 2009


Got to take another quick trip to HQ in Princeton for our yearly training session. This one was a quickie - arrived, grabbed a late dinner, went to bed. Got up & spent the the next 2 days sitting around going over problems that may arise in our duties at work.
Made it to Newark w/way too much time to spare, so Lord Nate & I hit up the bar to kill some time. Haven't had one of these in a few years. Mmmmmm good.

Boarded the flight back to Denver & just as we were to roll out of the gate, a thunderstorm from Hell showed up. Then, as it was dying down, el capitan told us that weather had shut down all westbound routes. So the normal pain & misery of sitting onboard a plane just increased exponentially. Finally, after almost 2hrs of cramped, stuffy confinemet, were got the go ahead & began our 3hr 36min flight back to the mile high.

That turned out to be a looooong day. But after talking to another person who spent the night in the Subway at SF airport, then making it home just in time Monday morning to start work, I didn't feel that bad anymore.

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