05 May 2009

Cinco de Mayo?

May have to head out for lunch to get a last taste of swine flu combo before it's all gone.

Went out for an easy leg-stretcher worship session w/Steve Sunday am. Rolled thru Stonehouse to link with North Park trail & u-turned.

Yesterday, I got out for a true spin. Left home at 3:30 & shot up to the big green hill. Shot straight up to the top, rounded Summit Loop & skipped BoR to blast down Rooney Valley trail. Stopped in the Rooney Rd lot to psyche myself up for the climb up Zorro to DR. After dropping DR, I hung a left on RR & passed the chapel on my way thru Morrison. Thought of making the right to Mt Falcon, but better judgement decided against it.........good thing.
Next I wheeled into BCLP & headed ccw to link up with my exit by Fox Hollow & Stonehouse trail to arrive home at 7:20.   

Can't believe I felt pretty good the entire way, even jumped on the Steamroller to make a quick grocery trip immediately after getting off the Monkey.

Signs of spring/summer....

It's Tuesday, wanna fight?

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