01 May 2009

Had a great pedal out at Buffalo Creek last night for the weekly, which I've missed the last 4) T.I.T.S. ride. 12 started, Jeremy lost a crankarm at the start, so we were down to  9 riders. Baldy-Buck Gulch-Strawberry Jack-Charlie's-Sandy = 22.8miles. Niiiiiiiiiice!

What's this 69-er shit people been raving about?
Sounds fun. Hell, I'll give it a try.

Swapped out the QR for a solid and threw on my old-ass beat-up flat-spotted 26" XT/DoubleWide/WTB WW 2.5". Dood, that thing is heavy! 1kg for the rim alone. 7.12# for the whole shebang. If it stops raining, I'll pedal it somewhere & see what's up.

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