11 June 2009

Still rolling

Been getting out here & there. All I know is that on May 11th, I put on a brand stinkin' new WTB Stout, and one month later, it's been replaced.

12 rides with about 200 miles & shot.

Got the rear wheel built last July & have been running it tubeless since. Tried out a few different tires - Exiwolf, Rampage & Stout, all of which I slapped on & aired up. Yesterday, I started losing air, so I pulled the valve & slap in a tube (first time in almost 1 year). Got up this morning & pulled the tube to start the routine of re-seating/-filling the tire & kept having a valve leak. I'm guessing the rubber deformed from staying in 1 positions the entire time, so it wouldn't seal well enough.

To the internetz I went, searching on tips to try:

-dipped valve end in sealant goop = NOPE

-tried a few O-rings = all failed much like the Challenger.

This is when I also noticed a slight tear in the Stan's tape over a spoke hole. Must have happened from the pressure of a tube pushing on the old, brittle tape.

-wrapped electrical tape around rim & gave it another shot.

Still a bit of leakage between the rim & tire. Decided it was time to go back to the ghetto. The LBS, Treads, said they use the 20" tubes, so grabbed 1 & hurried home to rock it out. Had a hell of a time getting that little tube over my enormous rim. The new Stout was a tight fit as well! Floor pump to it & POW!, I'm back online.

Hope this one lasts more than a month!!

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