20 March 2012

Wreck it up!

Some good noise released today.
Listen here in its entirety.
US tour hits the almost the entire country, except Denver. WTF!?

Shakedown run on Honzo went well, except for some nasty-ass sticky mud on Box o' Rox that brought the wheels to a halt within 15' of picking it up.
Just point downhill & hang on
Also tried out some platform pedals this week. Played at Barnum on the dirt jumps (the baby line that is). Then gave platformed XC a shot by doing Edgar Winters-Red Rocks-Dakota Ridge loop. I can tell it's gonna take a few shots to get the hang of that. Techy ups were quite difficult since I couldn't pull the rear wheel up over rocks like normal.

Sunday, I finally got back to Buff Creek after a long winter away. Kevin & I put our legs/lungs to the test with a long (winter rides have been 15+/- miles max) pedal out to Chair Rocks - I believe that's the 1st time I ever did a straight up out-n-back route at BC. I was spent for the next 36 hours.
pic credit to Kevin
Winter officially ends today, but the recent high temps have made it seem like it's been here for a few weeks already. I hope it stays that way and old man winter doesn't return to strike down upon us with great vengeance & furious anger, attempting to poison & destroy my brothers/sisters stoked on riding some tasty trails.

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