07 March 2012

"It Was a Good Day"

Another late start at work, so Mt Evergreen called out. Low temps, drizzle made for some funky conditions. The dew dropped on the rocks & created a thin layer of super slick ice where one usually looks for traction in snowy conditions. East side up Mt. Evergreen was excellent - cleared 3 downed trees while climbing. 

Joe staying upright
Tree #2
A tad chilly
A little breather up top, then down the west side, which was not as smooth going as the west side. Decided to stick Sisters since all the rock surfaces would prove deadly & headed back up the west side to enjoy the fruits of our labor (clearing those trees on the east) on the way back to the cars.

Iced Earth

Got home, showered & plopped down in my uncomfy chair to settle in for an afternoon of drudgery (a.k.a. work). Had an e-mail telling me my day was canceled due to low work volume, so a couple of paid  hours for free, niiiice! 

Had an appointment a little later to get the final insurance payment from the hailstorm handed over & noticed something in the numbers that I thought was wonky, so I reviewed the numbers with my contractor. Eventually found we overpaid by more than I originally thought & should be getting back a nice hunk of change, schweeet!

Could today get any better?
Yes, it did!  UPS dropped off a 12# box of goodness....the key ingredient to my latest puzzle.

20L frame ain't a weight weenie
A little over an hour later....
What am I gonna do w/140mm of cush?
Some minor tweaks left, such as getting the sag dialed

Was expecting at least 30#
Coming to a trail near you, soon
Yeah, today was a good day!

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