25 July 2010

The Summer Doldrums

Sun is out, temps have risen, plants are growing.

I think this one went into a casserole.

We used our corresponding days off to set up the tent for a night.

We supped.

Our 'backyard.'

We burned wood.

I don't need no tree hanging from my mirror.

Two weeks of no biking......finally got back on it today.

We went up high.

We climbed some icy snow.

There was even enough to pedal across - but only in this one spot.

We spent a bit of time up here.

Mother Nature showed us her good side.

Eventually, we had to start descending.

We saw some steepies during the day.

We passed above some lakes....

...and visited another.

This is the section that makes all the struggle worthwhile.

I don't read ASL. What're yinz trying to tell me?

We did some descending (only after another lil' climb.)

We 3 Stooges had a good'un!


  1. I can translate for you. But don't worry about it! They just thought you were I!!!(We have the same hair cut)

  2. badass lubes!!!